Dr. Gunzburg's Approach to Counseling

You can call it what you want: counseling, psychotherapy, coaching, advice, therapy, relationship counseling, or marriage counseling, but it all boils down to one thing: getting the help you need to live a full, happy, productive and emotionally healthy life.

Work Things Out in Life

Sometimes, in this modern, stressful world, we need to work certain things out, be they personal, business, emotional, relationships or other issues. If you are feeling overwhelmed, like you can’t handle life on your own, a few counseling sessions may be just what you need--sometimes it only takes one. The personal help you get from counseling, can help you regain your confidence and allow you to accomplish your goals in good time.

Experienced Listener

Dr. Frank Gunzburg is a kind, empathetic listener with over 35 years of experience. Dr. Gunzburg has dealt with all kinds of situations and issues. He uses a variety of counseling methods to help people feel better.

During more than 35 years of experience in psychotherapy, counseling and coaching, Dr. Gunzburg has developed his own therapeutic style. Dr Gunzburg's counseling style has been compiled from the works of many of the greatest psychotherapists and counselors, and he has blended this knowledge into his counseling principles.

Getting Help

Work through your issues, and live a better life starting today! Dr. Gunzburg is available for counseling in Baltimore, Maryland, in the suburban town Pikesville. You can reach him locally at 410-654-1300 or toll-free at 866-654-1300. See the exact locations to learn where you can see Dr. Gunzburg for counesling help. You also may want to contact Dr. Gunzburg or learn about his current fees.

Dr. Gunzburg's past patients have described Dr. Gunzburg as a unique and helpful counselor based on his approach, and a terrific, dependable resource in times of crisis.

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Infidelity or Extra-Marital Affair?

Are you dealing with infidelity or an extra-marital affair? Dr. Gunzburg has developed several programs about this subject. These materials are geared towards people who want to learn how to survive an affair.

Looking to Save Your Marriage?

Is your marriage troubled and unhappy? Dr. Gunzburg has a self help book and course to help you work on your marriage to create a good relationship. Many people have improved their marriages with his system.

If you are looking for information on marriage-related counseling and therapy, please check out Dr. Gunzburg's marriage counseling site.